Use points, rewards and reasons for effective behaviour management.

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Behaviour management software showing praise points given to students

What is Kudos?

Experience complete behaviour management by rewarding students with points and badges linked to positive behaviour. Compete in houses or individually for top spots on the leaderboard report.

An overview of students and their positive and negative behaviour points given

Rewards and sanctions

Reinforce positive behaviour in your classroom through the addition or deduction of points and award badges for individual students or groups. Encourage the behaviour you want your students to model with standardised points for specific reasons, or, create your own custom reasons for deserving praise.

A view of badges earned showing student behaviour

Parent view

Give parents even more of an insight into their child's performance at school. With a full view of all points and badges awarded, parents can continue praising their children at home. And now, with Kudos available on iOS and Android, parents are instantly aware of their child’s behaviour.

A behaviour leaderboard for schools showing how well behaved students are

Praise made simple (coming soon)

Quickly and easily reward students’ good work by awarding points, straight from the Gradebook, so they’re reflective of their marks. And with SIMS writeback, all data inputting is streamlined and stored in one place, helping to save you time.

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