Create seating plans in seconds with inclusion and assessment data.

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Seating plans displaying students' name and inclusion information

What is Seating?

Encourage the best learning environment and positive student behaviour with our online seating plans. Benefit from easy student organisation, display inclusion groups & assessment data, and print plans ready for Ofsted.

PDF view of seating plan

Optimum learning environment

Our Seating product helps you seat students where they’ll learn best. View students’ inclusion data on every seating plan, choose the assessment data you want to see and even display how many Kudos points they have, so you can make informed decisions about seating plans for your classroom.

View of different classrooms with the ability to edit seating plans

Auto-fill seating plans

Save yourself time when it comes to creating seating plans with the ability to auto-fill your students into traditional seating arrangements. Choose from boy/girl and alphabetical (coming soon) or based on inclusion data - and we’ll populate the template for you.

Seating plans with pictures of individual students and their inclusion data

Comment, search & print

Add notes to individual students' profiles and easily search for existing seating plans. Keep classroom management in check by using the same seating plans, even for cover lessons. Easily print plans so you are always Ofsted ready and prepared to effectively communicate why students are seated together.

Hand picked resources

In addition to building award-winning software, we create thought provoking and insightful resources surrounding all things education, take a look:

“The Smart Seating app is easy to set up, intuitive to use and links directly to SIMS, allowing you to also display key subgroup information & class photos. The system enables staff to access seating plans for all.”

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