Start giving praise the easy way, from the front of the class, and give your students the recognition they deserve.

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Praise like you should

Keep track of all the praise your students have been awarded, see who's performing above their grade boundary, who needs encouragement and enjoy having clarity on how praise is approached in your school.

Screen capture showing desktop version of leaderboard of students who have received praise via Satchel Kudos
The power of praise

Reward students for positive behaviour and enjoy having a clear record of all praise awarded and easily identify the students who are missing out.

Screen capture showing desktop version of student profiles with option to give praise or sanctions via Satchel Kudos
Praise made easy

Giving praise has never been so simple, given from the front of the class in seconds and stored online, you now have full control over praise management.

— Tech info —

Seamless integration

MIS integration

By integrating with your MIS to keep your data current, there’s no need for manual data imports, just up to date records every time.

Browser support

We provide support for all users on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari and Firefox.

Data security

We’re registered with the ICO and security and privacy is of the utmost importance with a robust encryption and integration.


Our mobile and tablet apps are free on the latest versions of iOS and Android, along with our fully functional mobile site.

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