Fully optimise your students’ learning experience based on their individual learning needs.

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— Features —

Seating plans for the digital classroom

Set your students up for success with beautiful seating plans tailored to your classroom, match students based on their learning requirements, share with colleagues and print in seconds.

Screen capture showing desktop version of a visual classroom seating plan available with Satchel Seating
Optimise seating

Seat your students where they’ll learn best with MIS data you can support inclusion through seating plans created based on their individual learning needs.

Screen capture showing desktop version of classroom seating plan and notes attached to each student on Satchel Seating
PDF seating plans

Always be prepared for Ofsted with seating plans ready to print as beautiful PDFs in seconds and successfully demonstrate why students are seated together.

Screen capture showing desktop version of seating plans that can be searched for and filtered through on Satchel Seating
Search seating plans

Create and search for seating plans for any class in seconds and cut photocopying costs by keeping them online and accessible for all teachers.

Screen capture showing desktop version of how seating plans can be exported printed on Satchel Seating
Share plans with colleagues

Add notes to existing seating plans and share with colleagues so they know where best to seat students and increase their learning opportunities.

— Tech info —

Seamless integration

MIS integration

By integrating with your MIS to keep your data current, there’s no need for manual data imports, just up to date records every time.

Browser support

We provide support for all users on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari and Firefox.

Data security

We’re registered with the ICO and security and privacy is of the utmost importance with a robust encryption and integration.


Our mobile and tablet apps are free on the latest versions of iOS and Android, along with our fully functional mobile site.

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