Enhance organisation throughout your school with online timetables updated from your MIS.

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Desktop view of student and teacher timetables app for schools

What is Timetables?

An organisation tool for the whole school, hosting timetables online for teachers and students and accessible by parents means all stakeholders are on the same page and know where they’re meant to be.

Image of a student school timetable with classroom information

Personal Timetable

With rotational timetables and room changes, it’s not always clear where you’re meant to be. With our MIS sync and timetables available online and in app, teachers and students have their own personal timetable accessible at all times.

Image of a student school timetable with classroom information

Student Autonomy

By providing students access to their schedule on their own personal devices, we not only encourage student autonomy we connect with them through the medium they engage with most.

Image of the parent view for student school timetables

Parent View

Provide parents with extra insight into their child’s school life by giving them full view of their timetables. Knowing what classes they have and when allows them to provide extra support at home and helps to avoid last minute rushes gathering clean PE kits or supplies for Food Tech.

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