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— Real Teachers —

Real teachers make the best tutors

You don’t want just anyone tutoring your child. There are currently no regulations or industry standards to ensure the right qualifications and background checks are in place to become a tutor in the UK. Using only real teachers brings experience and peace of mind to both parent and student.

Twenty-something, brown-haired male qualified English and GCSE tutor
Online tutoring female Maths tutor that is also a subject matter expert in biology
Female Chemistry tutor with up-to-date exam knowledge
Qualified in education

Best placed to align instruction with classroom teaching and reduce confusion of learning styles, teachers are trained to give your child the right help.

Twice as effective

Independent studies show real teachers are twice as successful as non-teachers at delivering effective tutoring sessions to produce the best results.

Subject matter experts

Fully trained in the subject and methods to assess your child’s precise needs, teachers bring credibility and expertise to an unregulated industry.

Access to latest resources

Regular changes to exams mean only real teachers are up to date with all areas covered for the current year and have access to the latest resources.

— Satchel Certification —

Satchel Certified Tutors

Every teacher goes through a rigorous vetting process before they become an approved Satchel Tutor.

Verified teaching qualifications

Ensuring the teacher is up to date with all the latest teaching methods and confirming their expert knowledge in the current curriculum and exams.

Certified safe and DBS checked

Your children are priceless, so online safety is key. This is why we only use qualified teachers who have passed this government criminal background check.

Reference checked with their current school

We confirm all our teachers are currently working at a UK school, ensuring they possess all the latest knowledge to provide the most effective tutoring.

Fully trained to deliver online sessions effectively

Online tutoring can be just as effective as face-to-face tutoring when delivered by an expert, so we ensure all our teachers are experts before they begin.

Disclosure and Barring Service logo showing teachers are safe and certified for online tutoring

All our tutors are fully DBS (formerly CRB) checked and vetted to give you full peace of mind when booking. Read more about Satchel’s Safeguarding policy.

— How it works —

Three easy steps to better results


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Choose from the best tutors

Search the country's finest teachers to choose the right fit for your child.


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"Children are so used to being online for everything that the environment is familiar and the convenience of being in your own home is a bonus"

Janet Kearns - Parent

"My son has moved up a Maths set since starting sessions and can have tutoring from the comfort of his own home where he feels safe and comfortable"

Samantha Neilson - Parent

"The tutors have been exceptional; catapulting my daughter’s confidence to levels that superseded my expectations"

Siobhan Penfold - Parent

"My son loves it! I couldn’t stop him talking after his first session. He also thinks it’s pretty cool that he video calls his tutor"

Nadia O'Hare - Parent

— Pricing —

Online tutoring from the country's best teachers

Pricing is based on your child’s age group and the number of tutoring sessions booked. Your booking is covered by a full, money back guarantee.

Years 4-9

Great for supplementing primary and secondary class-based knowledge.

Per session

Years 10-11

Help with GSCE revision content and planning to ensure better results.

Per session

Years 12-13

Valuable and tailored support to help get ahead with A-Levels.

Per session

— Satchel Discovery Courses —

Affordable, small group learning

The Satchel Discovery Programme offers affordable, small group, collaborative sessions for secondary students. Learning with an intimate group provides many benefits, so these courses are a great way to supplement or provide an alternative to one-to-one tutoring.

— Why Satchel? —

Why choose Satchel Tutoring?

Satchel Tutoring is the only online tutoring company exclusively offering current, qualified, and certified teachers to tutor your child.

Modern and accessible

Our online solution allows you to pick from the best teachers in the country and not be confined to your local area. Removing travel time and cost, online sessions give you the flexibility to book a tutor whenever and from wherever you need.

Screen capture of a student's Satchel Tutoring dashboard showing information about their previous and upcoming sessions

Safe, convenient and effective

Students and tutors carry out sessions from the safety and comfort of their own homes, and because all sessions are recorded and reported, the student can use them for revision long after the meeting ends!

Screen capture showing a live session between a student and tutor based on an annotated periodic table

— Get started —

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— FAQs —

Still have questions?

If there’s anything we’ve left unanswered, take a look at our FAQs for more information.

My Child
Right now, we cover students from year 4 all the way up to year 13.
In the Introduction Call with the tutor, you will have a chance to discuss your child's needs, so tutors can tailor the session for the student.
Tutoring Sessions
Each session lasts for one hour.
If you’re unsure, book in one session to get an idea about the speed in which areas are covered, and with the help of the tutor, how many sessions are needed for your desired outcome.
You’ll receive an invite for the session via email or you can view upcoming sessions by logging into the product. When you are on the dashboard on the site you can click on the link to start your session, you’ll be taken to the online classroom where the tutor can present using our interactive a whiteboard which the tutor and your child can annotate over. The student will be able to see the tutor at all times and visa versa and speak directly to one another.
For the first few sessions we recommend you be in the room monitoring the session. (Coming Soon - we will also in the future record every session and your child can revise from these if they have a test or exam!)
As all of our Tutors are teachers, all session happen evenings and weekends, but you will be able to arrange the sessions during your introduction call to suit you both.
Don’t worry! The session will continue until both the tutor and the student have left the online classroom, you will not be charged for the additional time (within reason).
Tutoring sessions do not expire, if you have some left at the end of the academic year they are easily rolled over to the next academic year.
As all of our Tutors are professionals, we ensure they are paid to make sure that sessions can go ahead.
Yes! All you need to do is give us a call on 0203 308 9286, we will process your payment over the phone.
My Booking
You can book your introduction call within 1 day of booking. After this call you are free to start your sessions immediately, please discuss this directly with the tutor on the introduction call.
Sessions can be easily rescheduled using your online dashboard. We ask both the parent and tutor to give 24 hours notice in order to cancel or rearrange, though your tutor may be able to accommodate short notice emergencies which can be requested through the dashboard.
It's easy! All you need to do is click on "Rebook Tutor" button in the top right corner and confirm the number of session you would like to book.
If your child does not require any more tutoring we will refund the remaining session for you. To request a refund just contact us on 0203 308 9286.
Tutors will wait in the tutoring room for 10 minutes after the start of the session. If you think you will be later than this simply log into your account and request to move the session back 15, 30 or 60 minutes and give an overview to the tutor on why you can't make the session. Tutors are usually reasonably flexible if you communicate with them (the earlier you can do this the better).
The Tutors
All of our tutors are based in the UK, all the way from Guernsey to Scotland, one of the great benefits of online tutoring is that you can find the best tutors in the UK, not just in your local area.
All of our tutors come from Show My Homework Schools, we also hold a Copy of their DBS, Qualified Teacher status certificate and a form of Identification.
If you are not happy with the tutor please contact us on 0203 308 9286 and we will either credit your account so you can choose a different tutor or give you a full refund.
Our team is always on hand if any issues come up to contact us either call 0203 308 9286 or email help@teamsatchel.com.
Yes! All you need to do is give us a call on 0203 308 9286, we will process your payment over the phone.

Want more information?

Our expert team are on hand to help support you. You can call us on 0203 308 9286, or leave your name and email address below and we will get back to you.