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Satchel and Action Medical Research

Satchel and Action Medical Research are united in their shared passion for a better future for all children.

Whilst Satchel have dedicated over ten years to developing software that supports students’ development and champions a holistic view of progression throughout school, Action Medical Research have been leading the way in groundbreaking scientific research that saves the lives of children all around the world. As a charity partner to Action Medical Research, we hope we can raise awareness of the amazing work they do, donate much needed funds to fuel lifesaving research and ultimately, ensure the best possible future for children.

Satchel and Action Medical Research workng together

About Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research is a leading UK-wide charity saving and changing children’s lives through medical research. For nearly 70 years they have helped pioneer ways to prevent disease and develop treatments benefiting millions of people.

  • Founded in 1952 by Duncan Guthrie
  • Early research helped develop the first polio vaccines in the UK
  • Discovered the importance of folic acid to prevent spina bifida
  • Developed the use of ultrasound in pregnancy
  • Created the Matrix seating system for physically disabled children
  • Involved in the testing of the rubella vaccine


How to support Action Medical Research

As a charity, Action Medical Research relies on the support and generosity of others to help fund lifesaving research. The team at Satchel will make company donations whilst participating in fundraising activities throughout the year. To find out what we’re up to, support Action Medical Research and help join the fight to save little lives, donate below.

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