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Our offer

Make your MIS switch decision with confidence.

  • 25% off both Satchel One Learning Platform and MIS with a phased rollout plan and break clause
  • Year 1: Launch with the learning platform only to get your students, teachers and parents used to the system
  • Year 2: Introduce MIS features with confidence
  • Not ready to switch MIS after year 1? Our break clause gives you the chance to re-evaluate and continue with a learning platform only contract

Switching MIS doesn't have to be daunting when you're switching to Satchel One.

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Reasons to switch to a cloud MIS

Access data from anywhere

Cloud-based systems let administrators access data from anywhere, giving them the flexibility they need to keep up with the demands of their jobs.

Superior analytics

Cloud-based MIS solutions are equipped with automatic reporting features that organise your data and make gathering insights about your school as easy as clicking a button.

Better value for money

With no more on-premise maintenance costs combined with a lower average price to begin with, cloud-based MIS solutions are highly cost effective.

10 reasons to switch

Want to learn more about switching to a cloud-based MIS? Click the button below for our top 10 reasons to switch.

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You can sign up any time before August 2024 to take advantage of our launch offer.

We have limited spaces available on our pilot program, directly involving your school in the shaping and development process of our MIS. This means:

  • An extended onboarding and evaluation period of around 3 months to allow you to compare our MIS side by side with your existing system
  • Early access from Autumn 2023
  • Direct contact with the product development team
  • Giving regular feedback and a testimonial about your experience with the product
  • Further discounts on your licence fee

You will have the opportunity to cancel your licence at any point during the extended onboarding period to ensure you only launch with us if you’re completely satisfied with the product.

Locked into a licence with another MIS provider but still looking to switch? We may be able to help! Book a demo.

Yes! Our MIS contains everything you need to run and manage your school, including all statutory features.

Satchel One’s MIS is currently being built directly into our existing ecosystem to give you everything you need in one place. This means that not all MIS features are available for demonstration yet, but we will be able to show you these gradually as they are released.

Book a demo and a member of the team will be in touch.

As always, the pricing for our Satchel One MIS will depend on your school size and feature set requirements. We are, however, confident that our pricing is competitive within the market and comparable to or cheaper than other cloud-based MIS systems, with the added classroom management functionality that Satchel One also has today. Please get in touch in the form below if you would like to learn more about our pricing.

We already integrate with Google Classroom and Microsoft to add supercharged functionality to our learning platform features, and Single Sign On to make logging in just that bit easier. Our MIS will also benefit from these integrations, as well as other integrations with third party tools via Wonde.

While we don’t currently have plans to create our own timetabling tool, we are proud to be partnering and integrating with TimeTabler.


Stay in the loop about our MIS

To stay in the know about our developments, timeline, pricing, demos or about becoming one of our early access schools, please fill in the form below.