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Make your MIS switch decision with confidence.

  • 25% off both Satchel One Learning Platform and MIS with a phased rollout plan and break clause
  • Year 1: Launch with the learning platform only to get your students, teachers and parents used to the system
  • Year 2: Introduce MIS features with confidence
  • Not ready to switch MIS after year 1? Our break clause gives you the chance to re-evaluate and continue with a learning platform only contract

Switching MIS doesn't have to be daunting when you're switching to Satchel One.

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Satchel One in independent schools

We offer a premium version of Satchel One for our independent schools that’s perfectly tailored to your needs, helping you sustain outstanding teaching and learning.

Logo for The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, customers of Satchel One

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Director of Studies

By forcing ourselves to be very clear about what makes good homework it meant the boys could produce better quality homework.


I've really come to appreciate just how much simpler it makes everything.


School branding

We offer school branding because we see Satchel as an extension of your school. Choose to replace the Satchel One logo with your own and customise with your school’s colours to create a seamless and discrete transition from your school website into the world of Satchel One.

  • Remove the Satchel One logo from your school’s interface
  • Reskin the learning platform with your school’s colours
  • Have your school’s logo emblazoned on every page
  • Upload your school’s image to personalise your dashboard
Image showing colour change for school branding

Maintain a consistently excellent learning environment

Satchel One facilitates quick quality assurance and gives parents a complete picture of their child’s education because maintaining excellence across the board means involving all stakeholders in key communication.

Parent portal

Satchel One gives parents their own portal where they can keep track of their child’s progress and even receive behaviour and homework notifications directly, facilitating seamless and open communication with the school.

Quality assurance

Intricate reporting on homework, behaviour and attendance allows SLT to track student and teacher performance with speed and efficiency, holding each party accountable for their work to maintain high standards.

Are you a Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams School?

Satchel One works seamlessly alongside Google and Microsoft to help schools deliver the complete learning experience. Clever integrations make combined use of these platforms even more powerful. Schools have access to all the tools they need to support student learning, engage parents in the learning process, save teacher time, monitor student behaviour and facilitate distance or blended learning.

  • Official Microsoft Partner and Google for Education Partner
  • Share Satchel One tasks to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom
  • Single sign-on with your Office 365 or Gmail account
  • Access award-winning tools that effectively support classroom management
  • Keep parents up to date with events and announcements via the parent app
  • Reduce teacher workload with streamlined apps
Image showcasing how Satchel One works alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

Award winning software

Satchel are an award winning company who currently work with 2500 schools worldwide.

2023 Winners
Response to Covid-19

Satchel win best in category at learning excellence awards

2021 Winners
Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Bett logo showing Satchel as winnders of Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment in 2021

2020 Winners
School Business Category

Teach Secondary Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as 4* winners in the School Business Category in 2020

2019 Winners
Edtech Innovator of the Year

The Techies Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as winners in the Edtech Innovator if the YEar cateogry in 2019

2018 Winners
Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Bett logo showing Satchel as winnders of Whole School Aids for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in 2018

2017 Winners
Secondary Resource or Equipment - Including ICT

ERA winners logo from 2017 showing Satchel as winners of Secondary Resource or Equipment including ICT

2017 Winners
Education Company of the Year

The Assignment Report logo showcasing winners of Education Company of the Year, awarded in 2017

2017 Winners
Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

Digital Entrepreneur Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of Digital Innovation in the Public Sector in 2017

2016 Winners

Tech City Logo showing Satchel as part of Upscale in 2016

2016 Winners
EdtechXRise All Stars award

Edtech X Europe Award Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of EdtechXRise All Stars award in 2016

Your software partner in excellence

Experience a seamless integration process with outstanding support and guidance whenever you need it.


In-depth training for seamless setup.


Comprehensive support for all users.


Data syncs with your existing MIS provider.

Customer Success

Tailored roll-out and product guidance.


The short answer is no! Satchel One is a bespoke platform that allows schools to pick and choose which apps and features they purchase so they don’t waste money on things they won’t use.

Our dedicated Customer Success team is here to assist you for the full length of your licence with us. From exemplary training and setup to working together on long term goals, we are always ready and excited to help. Our 92% CSAT rating is a reflection of just this, as well as our willingness to always go above and beyond for our customers.

We offer multi year licences with discounts available on longer licences.

Every teacher in the school can access our Technical Support team via a chat feature on the platform and leave them a ticket, or take a look at this page for answers to all our most frequently asked questions.

Satchel One has the power to integrate seamlessly with your school's existing MIS. The level of integration, however, will depend on your provider. Book a demo here to see how Satchel One can work with your MIS.

Looking to switch your current MIS? Satchel One is expanding into an MIS next academic year, combining a full suite of cloud-based MIS features with the power of our learning platform. To stay up to date with our developments, click the link here.

Pricing is based on your school size, licence length and which apps and features you choose. Book a demo here to receive a custom quote for your school.


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