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Independent Schools

Create a learning platform that’s unique to your school and helps maintain excellence across the board.

Satchel One in independent schools

We offer a premium version of Satchel One for our independent schools, one that’s tailored to your exact requirements to help you sustain outstanding teaching and learning.

Logo for The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, customers of Satchel One

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

Director of Studies

By forcing ourselves to be very clear about what makes good homework it meant the boys could produce better quality homework.


I've really come to appreciate just how much simpler it makes everything.


Keep a consistently excellent learning environment

In order to maintain high levels of excellence across the board it’s important that all stakeholders are involved in key communication and are aware of what success looks like. With Satchel One, we allow quick quality assurance and provide parents with a full view of their child's successes.

Parent portal

Parents value the education their child receives highly and it’s up to you to provide them with peace of mind that their child is working to the best of their ability. With Satchel One, parents have their own portal whereby they can keep up to date with their child’s progress and receive behaviour and homework notifications directly on their app, opening up lines of communication with the school seamlessly.

Quality assurance

To ensure that students work to the best of their ability, teachers need to set outstanding work in which they have high expectations, whilst students need to uphold these standards in the work they produce. Intricate reporting on homework, behaviour and attendance allows SLT to track student and teacher performance with speed and efficiency holding each party accountable for their work.

Award winning software

Our innovation and development has garnered industry recognition and since 2014 we've been award-winning, every year.

2016 Winners

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2017 Winners
Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

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2017 Winners
Education Company of the Year

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2018 Winners
Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

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2016 Winners
EdtechXRise All Stars award

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2017 Winners
Secondary Resource or Equipment - Including ICT

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Experience a seamless integration process with outstanding support and guidance whenever you need it.


In-depth, face-to-face product training.


Comprehensive support for users at all schools.


Data syncs with your existing MIS provider.

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Tailored roll-out and product guidance.


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