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Fall in love with teaching again

Save valuable time across a range of task types with the magic of AI in education


Create differentiated homework with Bloom's Taxonomy. Great for mixed ability groups.


Input your chosen topic and Sidekick will create a useful quiz that’s instantly ready to use.

Spelling tests

Make spelling tests in English, German, Spanish and French to boost language learning.

Lesson plans

Design lesson plans 10x faster. Available soon if your school uses our Timetables app.

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If you’re not already a Satchel One user you can find out more about Sidekick by booking a quick, no-strings-attached demo using the calendar below.

Read our FAQs

The generative AI used in Sidekick has the potential to greatly enhance teacher productivity across a wide range of tasks. Teachers are empowered to better manage their time and be more efficient, contributing to a richer and more fulfilling professional experience.

Our Product team adopted a trial and error approach to create a generative AI module that gives teachers relevant, useful results. We added this module directly into Satchel One to reduce the product learning curve and further streamline the homework setting experience.

While using third party tools, such as OpenAI, we may pass some contextual information (eg. a subject name or an appropriate age range) but we never pass on identifiable information regarding the user or school/district. We do not allow third parties to train their models on the data that is sent and all data is deleted by the third party after a maximum of 30 days (unless otherwise required by law).

Our introductory offers lets Satchel One teachers access Sidekick for just £4.98 per teacher, per month. The standard price is £6.98 per teacher, per month.

We charge this small fee to cover the cost of Open AI integration.

We support debit, credit and Google Pay to make paying for your subscription as easy as possible.

Generative AI, while powerful, may occasionally produce misleading information due to its lack of real-world understanding, data bias and inability to verify accuracy. For this reason, we always prompt teachers to confirm they have read and approve of the task being created before they use it.

We do not currently have plans to offer school subscriptions.

You can cancel your subscription at any time without leaving Satchel One!

Not at all! This service is optional and will not take away anything you already have access to. Any generative AI features are clearly marked to avoid confusion.

Your Satchel One account also now comes with free trial credits for each Sidekick feature, so you can explore and test it out before you subscribe.

Lesson plans are linked to timetables and will therefore only be available to schools with the Timetables feature enabled in Satchel One.