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What is Behaviour?

Behaviour is a simple online points-based reward system for schools. Teachers can use Behaviour to award students positive points and custom badges to reinforce good behaviour. Or, negative points can be assigned to reprimand poor behaviour. All of this can be done from the front of the classroom and communicated with parents, helping schools adhere to behaviour policy and enforce positive behaviour management within the classroom.

Celebrate student achievement

Behaviour helps schools to showcase students’ achievements and recognise their efforts through awarding positive points and badges. Positive reinforcement and recognition are critical to a child’s development which is why Behaviour makes it quick and simple for teachers to award praise and communicate this directly to the pupil and their parents.

  • Award points and badges in line with school policy
  • Create custom badges for extra-special efforts
  • See from the leaderboard who is missing out on praise
  • Writeback all data to SIMS or Bromcom
Image of Satchel One's Behaviour software's positive Behaviour points and badge features
Image of Satchel One's Behaviour app showcasing positive and negative points

Effectively manage behaviour

Behaviour champions students’ accomplishments as a whole-school rewards system. It also supports teachers in reprimanding negative behaviour and ensuring students receive the recognition they deserve. The ability to assign both positive and negative points to students, from the front of the class, means recognition is timely and supports positive reinforcements.

  • Assign negative points to reflect poor behaviour
  • View Behaviour Points from the Seating plan
  • Track points via the leaderboard
  • Assign points in line with school houses
Image of Satchel One's Behaviour app showcasing positive and negative points

Gain clarity over behaviour records

Clear lines of communication between parents, teachers and students are integral to student development - in all areas of a child’s school life. That’s why, with Behaviour, you can instantly notify parents around points thanks to the Satchel One app. We also make it simple to report on behaviour across the school with our automated Behaviour Report.

  • Instantly notify parents of Behaviour Points
  • Turn on ‘positive-only’ parent notifications
  • Schedule behaviour reports straight to your inbox
  • View behaviour trends across the entire school
Image of Satcchel One's Behaviour app and how it supports students
Image of Behaviour features that tackle poor behaviour - negative points and Referred Incidents

Support all your behaviour needs

Behaviour is available as a standalone app and all data can be written back to SIMS or Bromcom. Or, you can enjoy Behaviour as a part of Satchel’s Behaviour Management Suite - a comprehensive collection of apps and features that give schools access to everything they need to effectively manage student behaviour from one place.

  • Celebrate student achievement with Behaviour
  • Escalate more serious incidents with Referred Incidents
  • Issue detentions online with Detentions
  • Replicate your behaviour policy in-app with Sanctions
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Image of Behaviour features that tackle poor behaviour - negative points and Referred Incidents

Why Behaviour?

  • Choose to writeback data to SIMS or Bromcom
  • Part of the award-winning learning platform, Satchel One
  • Use alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams
  • Integrates with additional Satchel One apps
  • Engage parents in the conversation around Behaviour
  • Support teacher workload and wellbeing with automated processes
Behaviour app logo

Live weekly Behaviour walk-through

We’re hosting a weekly, no strings attached, product walk-through of our behaviour management tools, Behaviour and Detentions. Schools can see for themselves the features, benefits and how easy they are to use. In the walk-through we’ll explore:

  • Assigning Behaviour points and Custom Badges online
  • Behaviour and Detentions tracking and reports
  • Issuing Detentions online and recording attendance
  • Communicating behaviour news with parents
  • Escalating more serious incidents
  • Integrations between Behaviour and Detentions
  • The full Behaviour Management Suite (SIMS schools)

To join the walk-through, sign up using the calendar booking system.

Image depicting a live product walk-through of Satchel One's Behaviour app
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Dec 2020

"It was a lifesaver in Lockdown. The company quickly adapted further tools. Now it's a comprehensive site."

Steve | English Teacher
Stowmarket High School
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Nov 2020

"Saves time, allows me to send web links and the huge variety of types of homework. Amazing support during lockdown and..."

Kim | Science Teacher
The Holmesdale School
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Oct 2020

"It is very efficient; allows parental access; archives tasks; allows 2 way communication between pupils and teachers; keeps records..."

Emma | Leader of Learning MFL
Looe Community Academy
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Jul 2020

"Very professional, rapid answer to issues, constantly updating in response to feedback - new facilities added regularly"

Emma | Head of Chemistry
Southam College
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May 2020

"I have found it incredibly useful during this period of lockdown, however I was using it to enter homework as well and that has..."

Sylvia | Teacher of Religious Education
Sackville School
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Feb 2020

"It makes setting Homework easy and you know everyone in the class is informed."

James | Assistant Head of Maths
Looe Community Academy
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