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Keep parents informed

Parental involvement in education is paramount to student progression and with our dedicated parent app, it's easier than ever to involve parents in their child's education. Parents receive notifications about tasks, school announcements and their child's behaviour, empowering them with all the information they need to support their child's learning.

  • Parents receive push notifications related to their child’s education
  • Give parents full visibility around tasks assigned to their child so they know the work is appropriate and meaningful
  • Parents can provide support to their children at home
  • Communicate important school announcements to parents via the Notice Board
Image of Satchel One's Notice Board feature
Image of Satchel One's Show My Homework app and To-do List feature

Promote student independence

Preparing students for adulthood and independent living involves the introduction of personal organisational skills. With Satchel One, schools can choose to provide students with their own Satchel One app, equipped with an easy-to-use and personalised To-do List that allows the individual to see work they've been assigned, helping to build important organisational skills.

  • To-do List allows students to begin developing skills for adulthood
  • Single Sign On for individual student accounts promotes independence and means no new login details to remember
  • Students can see their upcoming lessons, tasks and plan for the day ahead
  • Students can receive notifications about task deadlines, feedback and Behaviour points
Image of Satchel One's Show My Homework app and To-do List feature

Always ready for distance learning

When periods of remote learning occur it can be daunting for teachers and families alike, but our online learning tools have been built with remote learning in mind. We supported 1 in 3 UK secondary schools through school closures, so we know what schools and their families need to succeed during difficult circumstances.

  • Ensure learning continues during closures by assigning all learning tasks online
  • Attach resources and instructions to tasks so students have clear guidance and parents can provide support at home
  • Attach video links to specific lessons from Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams for remote learning
  • Help families add structure to their days at home with access to online Timetables
  • Attach important documents from your MIS, such as Individual Learning Plan information, to Welfare Notes
  • Continue motivating students by awarding Behaviour points remotely
Image of Satchel one's Timetables and Behaviour software
Images of  various Satchel One features that support students

Built for individuals

Every student is unique. With Satchel One you can set each student a highly individualised programme of tasks and learning. Tasks can be modified, adapted and reused to make planning for the whole class' individual needs more efficient. Shareable Welfare Notes regarding student wellbeing and imported inclusion data give teachers an overview of any specific needs of children in the class.

  • Import inclusion data from your MIS and display on seating plans and access via the Attendance Report
  • Create custom Behaviour badges to recognise students’ specific efforts and provide behavioural support
  • Create Welfare Notes for individual pupils to share sensitive information with the relevant teachers for additional support
  • Tailor assignments to students’ individual needs and easily differentiate tasks
  • Set assignments for individual students in your class
  • Assign interactive Quizzes and Spelling Tests and make learning fun for pupils
Images of  various Satchel One features that support students

Are you a Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams School?

Satchel One works seamlessly alongside Google and Microsoft to help schools deliver the complete learning experience. Clever integrations make combined use of these platforms even more powerful. Schools have access to all the tools they need to support student learning, engage parents in the learning process, save teacher time, monitor student behaviour and facilitate distance or blended learning.

  • Official Microsoft Partner and Google for Education Partner
  • Share Satchel One tasks to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom
  • Single sign-on with your Office 365 or Gmail account
  • Access award-winning tools that effectively support classroom management
  • Keep parents up to date with events and announcements via the parent app
  • Reduce teacher workload with streamlined apps
Image showcasing how Satchel One works alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

Award winning software

Our innovation and development has garnered industry recognition and, since 2014, we’ve been award-winning every year.

2020 Winners
School Business Category

Teach Secondary Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as 4* winners in the School Business Category in 2020

2019 Winners
Edtech Innovator of the Year

The Techies Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as winners in the Edtech Innovator if the YEar cateogry in 2019

2018 Winners
Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Bett logo showing Satchel as winnders of Whole School Aids for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in 2018

2017 Winners
Secondary Resource or Equipment - Including ICT

ERA winners logo from 2017 showing Satchel as winners of Secondary Resource or Equipment including ICT

2017 Winners
Education Company of the Year

The Assignment Report logo showcasing winners of Education Company of the Year, awarded in 2017

2017 Winners
Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

Digital Entrepreneur Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of Digital Innovation in the Public Sector in 2017

2016 Winners

Tech City Logo showing Satchel as part of Upscale in 2016

2016 Winners
EdtechXRise All Stars award

Edtech X Europe Award Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of EdtechXRise All Stars award in 2016

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