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Primary Schools

Satchel provides primary school leaders with the tools to ensure positive wellbeing across their staff through quick and effective wellbeing surveys.

Why wellbeing?

Teacher wellbeing is at the core of school and student success. By ensuring your staff are happy and healthy, you help them in providing the best teaching & learning experience for your students. At present, 64% of schools do not regularly survey their staff to gauge wellbeing (Education Support Partnership). Our wellbeing tool enables primary school leaders to gather unbiased, honest staff feedback so they can make informed decisions on how to improve staff wellbeing, create a better school culture and promote staff engagement.

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Fort Smith


The product is extremely user friendly, and I have not had one complaint from staff. I think they feel valued that we are asking their opinions.

Teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing is linked to how engaged your students are, your overall recruitment costs and the amount of absenteeism you have in your school. By frequently surveying your staff to gather honest feedback on what you and your school could be doing to improve their happiness, you can make specific actions based on their feedback that can have a profound impact on your school.

School culture

Your school’s culture is not only pivotal to the happiness of your staff and students, it also plays a huge role in how happy parents are with your school. If your school genuinely cares for its staff and students, it will be more attractive to prospective families. To help you improve culture we provide you with targeted resources and insights so you can keep all stakeholders happy.

Staff engagement

When your staff are engaged in both their work and the school’s culture, it helps with building a sense of community. With our tool, stop paying for snapshot surveys and further engage your staff by listening to their opinions over time, giving their ideas a platform, and taking on board feedback and new initiatives that affect the most important areas in your school.

Award winning software

Our innovation and development has garnered industry recognition and since 2014 we've been award-winning, every year.

2016 Winners

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2017 Winners
Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

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2017 Winners
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2018 Winners
Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

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EdtechXRise All Stars award

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