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Learning platform meets MIS

Next academic year, Satchel One is expanding into an MIS to give you all the learning platform and classroom management features you’re used to plus full, cloud-based MIS functionality. Everything you need to run and manage your school.

What does this mean for your school?

  • Consolidate software and costs with a single platform
  • Use an MIS that already provides market leading classroom management
  • Benefit from up to 18 months free and 25% off your first paid year

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Satchel One for primary

Satchel One, the UK’s leading learning platform for over a decade, is launching a full suite of MIS features next academic year. Equipped with the tools teachers need to encourage positive behaviour, communicate important information to parents and provide a meaningful learning experience to students, Satchel One helps to bring together your school community.

Features & apps

Our primary school bundle is designed for specific use in primary schools to meet the needs of their students, families and teachers or, you can choose any selection of apps to create your own bespoke learning platform. Whatever you decide, Satchel One will help you effectively improve communication with home, increase parental involvement, encourage and motivate students and support teachers in the classroom.

Show My Homework

Issue students home-learning with resources and instructions attached so parents can help at home.

Quizzes & Spelling Tests

Stimulate students' minds with interactive learning tasks - pupils have multiple attempts and hints.

Notice Board

Connect and communicate with parents - send them important messages via the school app.


Encourage, motivate and reward students' positive behaviour by awarding them custom badges.

School Branding

Promote your culture and create a greater sense of school community with easy personalisation.

Welfare Notes

Look after your students' wellbeing by communicating concerns or home issues to teachers discreetly.


Create the perfect classroom layout with seating arrangements that support students' learning,


Easily track your students' attendance and communicate all of this back to their parents.

Parent app

Send parents notifications around feedback, school announcements and their child's progress.


Satchel One and your school

Choose from one of two primary bundles; Lite or Standard!

Included in Primary Lite

Show My Homework app and features:

  • Show My Homework - issue home-learning tasks for students to complete at home and attach resources so parents can support their learning
  • Notice Board - send messages to families and staff about important school events and announcements
  • Create Quizzes & Spelling tests - interactive tasks that engage students and make learning fun, for use in class and at home
  • Parent app - parents will receive notifications around their child’s learning and school activity, direct to their smartphone via the Satchel One app

Included in Primary Standard

Show My Homework plus our primary learning platform apps:

  • Primary Lite - Show My Homework, Notice Board, Quizzes, Spelling Tests & Parent app
  • School Branding - customise the Satchel One dashboard with your school’s branding to strengthen your school community
  • Behaviour - teachers can issue positive point to students to recognise good behaviour and writeback to SIMS
  • Attendance - teachers can track attendance easily and parents can view their child's attendance rate
  • Seating - teachers can create classroom seating plans to support their students’ learning
  • Welfare Notes - teachers can communicate any concerns or family issues affecting pupils to better support them

Are you a Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams School?

Satchel One works seamlessly alongside Google and Microsoft to help schools deliver the complete learning experience. Clever integrations make combined use of these platforms even more powerful. Schools have access to all the tools they need to support student learning, engage parents in the learning process, save teacher time, monitor student behaviour and facilitate distance or blended learning.

  • Official Microsoft Partner and Google for Education Partner
  • Share Satchel One tasks to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom
  • Single sign-on with your Office 365 or Gmail account
  • Access award-winning tools that effectively support classroom management
  • Keep parents up to date with events and announcements via the parent app
  • Reduce teacher workload with streamlined apps
Image showcasing how Satchel One works alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

Primary pricing

Select how many students your school has to view pricing for both packages.





Primary lite

1 Year Licence

  • Setup and onboarding
  • MIS integration
  • Show My Homework
  • Notice Board
  • Quizzes & Spelling tests
  • Parent app
  • School Branding
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Seating
  • Welfare Notes

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Promoting positive wellbeing in primary schools

Support the wellbeing of your staff, parents and students with our free tool, Survey Builder. Create surveys personal to your concerns and interests to find out how your school community is feeling on matters that are important to you. Gather feedback and apply any new learnings to effectively improve the running of your school and classroom. To learn more about Survey Builder click, here.

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