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Learning platform meets MIS

Next academic year, Satchel One is expanding into an MIS to give you all the learning platform and classroom management features you’re used to plus full, cloud-based MIS functionality. Everything you need to run and manage your school.

What does this mean for your school?

  • Consolidate software and costs with a single platform
  • Use an MIS that already provides market leading classroom management
  • 25% off your first licence

To stay in the know about the developments of Satchel One, our timeline, pricing or becoming an early access school, click the link below.

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Image of MIS logo surrounded by Satchel One's other app logos

What is Satchel One?

Satchel One is the online learning platform that aids in effective communication with parents, keeps your school organised and reduces teacher workload. With full cloud-based MIS functionality launching from next academic year, Satchel One will soon offer everything you need to run and manage your school, all from one login.

Learning platform apps and premium features
MIS includes all apps, premium features

The Satchel One and Google Classroom experience

By using both platforms throughout your school, you will be better equipped to support students’ learning and have immediate access to the tools that will help you make school-wide improvements.

Better engagement with parents

  • Free dedicated parent app
  • Streamline home-school communication
  • Give parents access to school resources
  • Keep parents updated via notifications
Image of a school and the Satchel One and Google Classroom logos

Improve behaviour management

  • Easy-to-use points-based reward system
  • Set detentions with standardised reasons
  • Notify parents on behaviour updates via the app
  • Elevate serious behaviour incidents to senior staff

More detailed reports

  • Delve into daily absences and attendance data
  • Surface assignment results and completion rates
  • View all behaviour and detention reports
  • View student engagement stats
Image of Satchel One and Google Classroom working together

Complete the learning experience

  • Stream and share live lessons
  • Encourage collaboration and give feedback
  • Set different task types
  • Personal workspaces for students and teachers

A holistic approach to learning

  • Measure student engagement with task insights
  • Support students who have specific needs
  • Individual student dashboards

Classroom management made easier

  • Cloud-based student timetables
  • Create custom seating plans
  • Support students’ wellbeing with Welfare Notes

Here’s how customers are using Satchel One and Google Classroom


users logged into their Satchel One account with the Gmail email address


tasks were shared to Google Classroom from Satchel One

Ashton on Mersey School Logo

Ashton on Mersey School

Assistant Headteacher

The great thing about the platform is that it interfaces really well with Google Classroom so it’s really easy to use them together.

Callington Community College Logo

Callington Community College

Head of Department

We set all remote learning work on Satchel One. It was the 'one stop shop' for students and parents, even if the content was elsewhere (Google Classroom / Mathswatch, etc...)

Canbury School Logo

Canbury School

Deputy Headteacher

Homework is set via Satchel One and the link added to Google Classroom. Often using the share to Google Classroom button in Satchel One.

Bridgewater School Logo

Bridgewater School

Assistant Headteacher

Satchel One provides a personalised homework service for pupils alongside a range of other useful tools all the while remaining flexible for more bespoke use.


Distance Learning: Satchel One and Google Classroom in action at Ashton on Mersey School

  • 90% student engagement every week during lockdown
  • 1200+ lessons set each week during lockdown
  • 92% of pupils logged into the Satchel One app every day
  • Quizzes assess students’ understanding of topics
  • 100 online lessons conducted per week

Satchel One and Google Classroom integrations

Clever integrations between the two systems mean schools can enjoy access to all the Google Classroom and Satchel One tools from one login and makes moving between the two seamless and fuss free.

Image of the Share to functionality on Satchel One
  • Log into Satchel One using your existing Gmail accounts
  • Google tasks automatically imported into Satchel One
  • Link live lessons streamed on Google Classroom on Timetables
  • Easily share files with students by attaching them to Show My Homework assignments
  • Students can submit work as Google Docs via Satchel One
  • Set work on Show My Homework, share to Google Classroom and instantly notify students and parents

Training and support

Satchel pride ourselves on the excellent training and support we provide, throughout your licence with us.

  • Bespoke launch plan and supported roll-out
  • Exceptional full staff training
  • 95% CSAT rating
  • Support available to all users, throughout your licence
  • Syncs with your existing MIS

Not just Google Classroom

Satchel One also integrates with Microsoft Teams. See all the features here.

Satchel one and Microsoft Teams logos

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