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Behaviour and Detentions

kudos detentions

Low level disruption costs individual pupils up to 38 days of learning per year. Reduce classroom misbehaviour and involve parents in the behaviour conversation with these Satchel One apps.

  • Tackle classroom misbehaviour head on
  • Enforce and reward positive behaviour
  • Track and monitor student behaviour data
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Positive points and Custom Badges in Behaviour Management Suite
On Call incident request on web and mobile in Behaviour Management Suite

Sanctions, Referred Incidents and On Call

Replicate your behaviour policy in Satchel One with these Premium Features and feel confident that everyone is following your lead.

  • Consistently apply your behaviour policy
  • Identify misbehaviour trends and repeat offenders
  • Deal with developing behavioural incidents effectively
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On Call incident request on web and mobile in Behaviour Management Suite



Proactively understand and improve student behaviour to set your students up for success, in the classroom and far beyond.

  • Get to the root of behavioural issues
  • Level the playing field for student outcomes
  • Reduce misbehaviour to improve teacher retention
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Resolved and unresolved Referred Incidents in Behaviour Management Suite

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