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The faster and smarter way to manage homework for teachers, students and parents.

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— Features —

Home-learning for the 21st century

Our powerfully simple software is available for all to enjoy, regardless of background, ability or budget. We lead with our heart and build with our insight to create the best apps for you.

Screen capture showing desktop version of the variety of homework tasks that can be set using Show My Homework
Homework assignments

A variety of homework tasks including Spelling Tests and Quizzes help engage your students and allow you to differentiate in a click.

Screen capture showing desktop version of a teacher's Gradebook on Show My Homework

With the ability to add grades and comments, and submit homework online, you can provide students with feedback even faster.

Screen capture showing desktop version of a teacher's Calendar on Show My Homework
Homework calendar

Provide complete transparency with all homework details and deadlines accessible on your school’s public calendar.

Screen capture showing desktop version of the variety of Reports that can be generated using Show My Homework

Easily track and analyse results, reduce the amount of time spent managing data and quickly see where improvements can be made.

Screen capture showing desktop version of tasks to reuse and share via Community Resources feature on Show My Homework

Never have to recreate a piece of homework again with all of your tasks stored in our Community Resources, ready to be reused.

Screen capture showing desktop version of the Insights feature available with Show My Homework

Focus efforts in the right places with data on how students and parents engage with homework tasks at your fingertips.

Screen capture showing desktop version of student To-Do list available on Show My Homework
To-do list

Help students to stay up to date with their personalised To-do Lists which promote independent learning and organisation.

Screen capture showing desktop version of student Timetable that is available on Show My Homework

Available for teachers and students, we support weekly and rotational timetables, so you can get to class on time, all the time.

— SMHW for you —

One system for the whole school

Senior Leadership Team

Have the tools you need to empower teachers and students and raise homework standards.

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SLT resources

Spend less time planning homework so you can make class time more meaningful.

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Teacher resources
Students & Parents

Get all the homework information and deadlines delivered straight to your phone when you need it.

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Student & Parent resources
Network Managers

With full support for the whole school and a managed roll out, experience a pain-free solution.

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Network Manager resources

— Tech info —

Seamless integration

MIS integration

By integrating with your MIS to keep your data current, there’s no need for manual data imports, just up to date records every time.

Browser support

We provide support for all users on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari and Firefox.

Data security

We’re registered with the ICO and security and privacy is of the utmost importance with a robust encryption and integration.


Our mobile and tablet apps are free on the latest versions of iOS and Android, along with our fully functional mobile site.

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