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1. Talk to us

Start by booking a call to explore your school's goals and learn more about the Satchel One MIS Onboarding process. We're always happy to hear from you!

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Satchel's visit to the UK's biggest education show

2. Start the Onboarding process

Choosing Satchel One MIS for your school? Your Satchel One Project Manager will meet with you to guide you through the Onboarding process and create an implementation plan.

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3. Move your data

You’ll work alongside our experienced and highly skilled team to complete the data migration process into Satchel One from your previous MIS. We rigorously test at every stage to ensure your data is always correct and secure.

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Finley hard at work in London

4. Get started

Our training plan includes a mixture of both onsite and online training sessions in a phased rollout approach, introducing elements of our Learning Platform first to allow new users to gain familiarity and confidence using our software before the Satchel One MIS launch.

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MIS logo

5. Get the most out of Satchel One MIS

Your Satchel Customer Success Manager will guide you from here, working with you to help you get the most out of your new MIS. They’re experts in communication, training and increasing user engagement.

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Discover our MIS

Satchel is expanding into an MIS. To stay in the know about our developments, timeline, pricing, demos or about becoming one of our early access schools, please fill in the form below.